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Is Honduras a Good Place for Gay Expats?

Jan 14, 2014

Is Honduras a Good Place for Gay Expats?

Trujillo, located in Honduras’ beautiful and serene Trujillo Bay, is a calm and gentle town known for it’s rich history, spectacular beaches… and inexpensive real estate! Visit for yourself to see what you’re missing and what you can (affordably) become a part of... Go HERE to learn more!

It is actually illegal to be gay in Russia. Some of you may not have known this if not for the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, and all of the publicity surrounding this exact fact. And it’s not only the gay athletes that are being targeted… friends and family of the athletes will be chastised too. For most, this no doubt seems like a completely irrational law; it’s creating a lot of negativity around what should be an exciting event and Russia as a whole.

Ok, so if you’re part of the LGBT community, you can strike Russia off the ‘retire abroad’ list. But thankfully, there are many other desirable (not to mention warmer!) destinations that you can consider. Trujillo, Honduras being one of those destinations… especially for those looking for affordable Caribbean living. 

This article is a byproduct of an e-mail we recently received asking about being gay and living in Honduras. We, the folks here at WI, never thought that we would need to specifically address living in Honduras as a gay person or couple… after all, what difference does your sexual orientation make? If you have the means and desire to live abroad, that’s all that should matter! It did make us think though…

It’s true that as a whole, Latin America isn’t as ‘open’ as North America or Europe. Although, that said, if you’re a minority of any kind, in any part of the world, you have likely faced discrimination. What it comes down to is your preferred lifestyle, how well you deal with change, your levels of self-confidence and how well you’re able to cope in unfamiliar circumstances. 

Hmmm… these tips sound similar to what we recommend to anyone looking to move abroad…

That’s because they are.  

Life in Trujillo is relaxed and simple. If you’re looking to get away from the rat race, spend less money and swim in the Caribbean every day, then Trujillo is a great fit for you! Regardless of your sexual orientation. But moving thousands of miles away from your ‘homeland’ isn’t for wimps or the faint of heart… there will be an inevitable culture shock and an adjustment period. In fact, if Honduras really is in your plans, learning the local language and becoming familiar with the culture is much more beneficial to you then worrying about your ‘gayness’.

The one tip we can offer up is to be mindful of outward public displays of affection. Machismo is a big part of the Honduran (and Latin American in general) culture, and although you certainly shouldn’t change who you are, being somewhat discrete will make the transition into your new community a bit easier.  

The bottom line? Moving to a new country is a big decision and a big life change. If it’s something you can do with a spouse that’s just as excited and ready as you are, you’re already off to a great start; regardless of whether you’re gay or straight, you need to keep your common sense in tact and be ready to let the little things roll off your back.

The best way to know if a destination is for you is to get your boots on the ground! Trujillo is a beautiful and peaceful area of Honduras, and our developer, Caribbean Lots, has warm and welcoming folks ready to show you the area and answer all of your specific questions.

Go HERE to book your Trujillo Discovery Weekend now!

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